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Crashworthiness of a general aviation fuselage section: 3D FEM numerical modelling and validation, file 3be2df1d-0cc0-42ce-a9f6-30404cedcdc8 3
Free edge stress analysis of composite laminates subjected to low-velocity impact using higher-order layer-wise models, file 41dff8f7-70a8-4d3c-adc7-e3ef79f92bb1 3
A numerical-experimental assessment on a composite fuselage barrel vertical drop test: Induced damage onset and evolution, file 72c86c91-8cbc-4ba0-851d-01b2eb302d0d 3
Numerical-experimental correlation of impact-induced damages in CFRP laminates, file 2d533a8e-9188-49fb-bcf8-9030d3746e33 2
Application of an additive manufactured hybrid metal/composite shock absorber panel to a military seat ejection system, file 398d2f61-6aae-4940-96cc-43c99857e012 2
Low-Velocity Impact Analysis of Stiffened Composite Plates Using Higher-Order Layer-Wise Models, file 5455c6a1-00e9-4ee1-8ac2-77e1e1b978e0 2
A numerical-analytical approach for the preliminary design of thin-walled cylindrical shell structures with elliptical cut-outs, file 885bb8c1-095b-49ed-a696-aeccbc866400 2
On the crashworthiness behaviour of a composite fuselage Sub-floor component, file e2eff50b-6385-49f7-97a3-c8f52e437860 2
An insight on the crashworthiness behavior of a full-scale composite fuselage section at different impact angles, file eb1c2845-955e-4080-8887-6424888c186d 2
High-Fidelity Stress Fields in Contact Problems using Beam, Plates, and Shells Layer-Wise Models, file f23bcaef-16e1-4b6f-8e08-1f5f09ab7ae2 2
Numerical simulation of the mechanical behaviour of shape memory alloys based actuators, file 071637ee-d05c-4978-a128-58d8f36a0f23 1
A numerical study on the impact behaviour of natural fibres made honeycomb cores, file 1c34dcf6-baae-44b4-8303-2ed1e6e38876 1
Numerical-experimental investigation into the tensile behavior of a hybrid metallic-CFRP stiffened aeronautical panel, file 1dab6885-4f8c-4ad7-bb95-de804dbdb45b 1
Numerical-Experimental Correlation of Interlaminar Damage Growth in Composite Structures: Setting Cohesive Zone Model Parameters, file 2b091168-6194-46b0-aac6-21231736b4f9 1
A sensitivity analysis of the damage behavior of a leading-edge subject to bird strike, file 2d470411-7cb5-41b1-a69d-200b106e865d 1
Dynamic Pulse Buckling of Composite Stanchions in the Sub-Cargo Floor Area of a Civil Regional Aircraft, file 53c5ffd6-0872-4555-93e2-88375f1071ef 1
A numerical assessment on the influences of material toughness on the crashworthiness of a composite fuselage barrel, file 73e5c83c-9fcd-4e36-a46f-e77fc8d43409 1
Crashworthiness of wing leading edges under bird impact event, file 779beba1-63ef-458e-9425-934454be1671 1
Crashworthiness of a Composite Wing Section: Numerical Investigation of the Bird Strike Phenomenon by Using a Coupled Eulerian–Lagrangian Approach, file 82315a14-044d-4ebe-a1a9-0a5020a526d5 1
Cross-influence between intra-laminar damages and fibre bridging at the skin-stringer interface in stiffened composite panels under compression, file 8a7bbf42-b08c-4c1b-94ba-301ae0111a4f 1
Modelling the damage evolution in notched omega stiffened composite panels under compression, file a12e0c6e-1066-45b7-bd0a-13c75c68b371 1
Mixed-mode delamination growth prediction in stiffened CFRP panels by means of a novel fast procedure, file c72f3ce7-31da-4cb0-b610-656ae15339b5 1
A feasibility study on additive manufactured hybrid metal/composite shock absorbers, file dd038db3-5663-4b70-b2c0-f2fc41c6fa9c 1
Large Notch Damage Evolution in Omega Stiffened Composite Panels, file e1d8fd9d-994b-4dfd-845e-72d7cb9b3279 1
A robust numerical methodology for fatigue damage evolution simulation in composites, file e8b14b29-ce47-41e4-ac5b-a59fd4553118 1
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