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EU - Europa 4098
NA - Nord America 3260
AS - Asia 1766
SA - Sud America 81
OC - Oceania 69
AF - Africa 55
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 1
Totale 9330
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 3073
IT - Italia 2352
CN - Cina 789
DE - Germania 464
GB - Regno Unito 254
FR - Francia 233
IR - Iran 225
CA - Canada 157
IN - India 154
JP - Giappone 127
KR - Corea 124
RU - Federazione Russa 112
VN - Vietnam 78
NL - Olanda 74
AU - Australia 62
IE - Irlanda 59
TW - Taiwan 53
GR - Grecia 51
UA - Ucraina 51
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 48
BR - Brasile 47
CH - Svizzera 44
MY - Malesia 44
PT - Portogallo 41
SE - Svezia 41
ES - Italia 40
RO - Romania 34
PL - Polonia 32
TR - Turchia 32
MX - Messico 30
ID - Indonesia 28
AT - Austria 27
BE - Belgio 25
HK - Hong Kong 25
DK - Danimarca 19
IQ - Iraq 19
PK - Pakistan 17
ZA - Sudafrica 17
EU - Europa 16
NO - Norvegia 16
VE - Venezuela 14
CL - Cile 13
EG - Egitto 13
SG - Singapore 13
BG - Bulgaria 10
RS - Serbia 10
PH - Filippine 9
BD - Bangladesh 8
CM - Camerun 8
IL - Israele 8
TH - Thailandia 8
DZ - Algeria 7
LT - Lituania 7
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 7
HU - Ungheria 6
CO - Colombia 5
FI - Finlandia 5
OM - Oman 5
MK - Macedonia 4
MO - Macao, regione amministrativa speciale della Cina 4
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 4
HR - Croazia 3
AP - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.AP??? 2
LB - Libano 2
LV - Lettonia 2
LY - Libia 2
MA - Marocco 2
MR - Mauritania 2
SR - Suriname 2
AL - Albania 1
AM - Armenia 1
BF - Burkina Faso 1
CY - Cipro 1
IS - Islanda 1
JO - Giordania 1
KZ - Kazakistan 1
SC - Seychelles 1
SI - Slovenia 1
TN - Tunisia 1
ZM - Zambia 1
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Torino 1273
Beijing 278
Fairfield 272
Seattle 259
Turin 244
San Ramon 230
Hangzhou 212
Ashburn 210
Houston 176
Mountain View 154
Boise 128
Woodbridge 125
Cambridge 100
Buffalo 99
Varese 84
Wilmington 84
Ann Arbor 76
Toronto 71
Santa Cruz 70
Dong Ket 62
San Donato Milanese 58
Milan 57
Höst 56
University Park 54
Southend 45
Taipei 43
Boardman 40
Shenzhen 40
Isfahan 39
Grafing 35
Wuhan 34
Dublin 32
Frankfurt 30
Xian 30
Hefei 27
Palo Alto 27
Tianjin 27
Tokyo 27
Ioánnina 26
New Martinsville 26
Seoul 25
Basking Ridge 24
London 22
Phoenix 22
Rome 22
San Diego 21
Chicago 20
Herkenbosch 20
Munich 20
San Giuliano Milanese 20
Southampton 20
San Antonio 19
Fremont 18
Genova 18
Manchester 18
Central District 17
Montréal 16
Paris 16
Zhengzhou 16
Andover 15
Miami 15
New York 15
Redmond 15
Shanghai 15
Hebei 14
Moscow 14
Nanjing 14
Norwalk 14
Ottawa 14
San Jose 14
Saint Petersburg 13
Stanford 13
Vienna 13
Zurich 13
Guwahati 12
Hartford 12
Irvine 12
Limerick 12
Stavropol 12
Changsha 11
Lausanne 11
Melbourne 11
Muizenberg 11
Sydney 11
Tehran 11
Barcelona 10
Braga 10
Chennai 10
Daytona Beach 10
Islamabad 10
Las Vegas 10
Los Angeles 10
Melun 10
Pune 10
Rotterdam 10
Aachen 9
Baghdad 9
Dallas 9
Guangzhou 9
Hyderabad 9
Totale 5816
Nome #
Incidence of adverse events at 3 months versus at 12 months after dual antiplatelet therapy cessation in patients treated with thin stents with unprotected left main or coronary bifurcations, file e384c432-73ba-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 1025
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Numerical and experimental characterization of a novel modular passive micromixer, file e384c42e-1d0f-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 633
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ZebraBeat: a flexible platform for the analysis of the cardiac rate in zebrafish embryos, file e384c42e-2ed2-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 352
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On the quantification and visualization of transient periodic instabilities in pulsatile flows, file e384c42f-eabc-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 325
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Thermodynamic and kinetic stability of the Josephin Domain closed arrangement: evidences from replica exchange molecular dynamics, file e384c42f-6757-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 203
Cardiovascular morphometry with high-resolution 3D magnetic resonance: first application to left ventricle diastolic dysfunction, file e384c42f-9c56-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 188
Insights into the effect of the G245S single point mutation on the structure of p53 and the binding of the protein to DNA, file e384c42f-f39a-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 184
Mechanical characterization of polymeric microspheres through micro-compression testing, file e384c42f-77c4-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 152
A Practical Approach for Wall Shear Stress Topological Skeleton Analysis Applied to Intracranial Aneurysm Hemodynamics, file e384c431-269e-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 149
Morphological and hemodynamic characterization of post endovascular AAA repair: comparison between two different commercial devices, file e384c42f-e590-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 146
On the impact of modeling assumptions in subject-specific hemodynamic simulations of low-density lipoproteins transport in aorta, file e384c42f-780e-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 136
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Shaping data: a self organizing map approach for data mining of oral glucose tolerance test curves in women with previous gestational diabetes, file e384c42e-0fdb-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 126
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Hemodynamic risk in coronary bifurcations: a computational exploration, file e384c42f-925b-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 111
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Does the shape of inflow velocity profiles affect hemodynamics in computational coronary artery models?, file e384c431-68f0-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 80
A low-cost 3D-printed sample-holder for stirring-based decellularization of biological tissues, file e384c431-25fe-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 65
Computational analysis of the endothelial cell morphology due to distinct flow patterns, file e384c42f-8ae8-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 64
Segment-specific associations between local haemodynamic and imaging markers of early atherosclerosis at the carotid artery: an in vivo human study, file e384c430-9fe6-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 61
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Comparing hemodynamic and geometric profiles of commercial devices for endovascular AAA repair, file e384c430-508a-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 34
Automated Segmentation of Fluorescence Microscopy Images for 3D Cell Detection in human-derived Cardiospheres, file e384c430-db5a-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 33
Computational modelling in congenital heart disease: challenges and opportunities, file e384c430-d222-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 29
Computational hemodynamics & complex networks integrated platform to study intravascular flow in the carotid bifurcation, file e384c430-d65d-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 29
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AIM (Artery in microgravity): Design and development of an ice cubes mission, file e384c432-40c9-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 22
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Deciphering ascending thoracic aortic aneurysm hemodynamics in relation to biomechanical properties, file e384c432-2ff4-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 15
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Profiling post-EVAR morphometry and hemodynamics through image-based computational analysis: comparison among endovascular devices, file e384c430-28e8-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 14
Association between helical blood flow and atherosclerotic plaque progression in coronary arteries: an animal-specific study., file e384c431-0bef-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 14
The Role of Geometric Patterns in the Osteoporotic Fracture: a Statistical Shape Modelling Approach, file e384c431-0f44-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 14
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Compact and tunable stretch bioreactor advancing tissue engineering implementation. Application to engineered cardiac constructs, file e384c432-6733-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 14
Impact of structural features of very thin stents implanted in unprotected left main or coronary bifurcations on clinical outcomes, file e384c432-bc19-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 14
Mechanotransmission of haemodynamic forces by the endothelial glycocalyx in a full-scale arterial model, file e384c430-c7eb-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 13
Searching into the invisible: Hunting for present and future ischaemia with fractional flow reserve pullback and wall shear stress, file e384c432-4525-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 13
Does the inflow velocity profile influence physiologically relevant flow patterns in computational hemodynamic models of left anterior descending coronary artery?, file e384c432-4b77-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 13
Wall shear stress topological skeleton independently predicts long-term restenosis after carotid bifurcation endarterectomy, file e384c432-cc21-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 13
Improving the Hip Fracture Risk Prediction with a Statistical Shape-and-Intensity Model of the Proximal Femur, file e384c434-66af-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 13
Non-invasive tool to assess heart rhythm in Zebrafish embryos, file e384c42e-3a0f-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 12
Carotid artery endarterectomy vs. stenting: are there any relevant morphological and hemodynamic implications?, file e384c431-2f89-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 12
AIM (Artery In Microgravity): An ICE Cubes Mission by University Students, file e384c432-1140-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 12
Risk of myocardial infarction based on endothelial shear stress analysis using coronary angiography, file e384c434-0fe7-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 11
Linking wall shear stress topological skeleton to near-wall transport in aortic flow, file e384c434-342b-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 11
A low-cost scalable 3D-printed sample-holder for agitation-based decellularization of biological tissues, file e384c432-3197-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 10
Average daily ischemic versus bleeding risk in patients with ACS undergoing PCI: Insights from the BleeMACS and RENAMI registries, file e384c432-7c02-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 9
Combining shape and intensity dxa-based statistical approaches for osteoporotic HIP fracture risk assessment, file e384c432-e30d-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 9
Wall Shear Stress Topological Skeleton Variability Predicts Myocardial Infarction, file e384c434-6b77-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 9
Daily risk of adverse outcomes in patients undergoing complex lesions revascularization: a subgroup analysis from the RAIN-CARDIOGROUP VII study (veRy thin stents for patients with left mAIn or bifurcatioN in real life), file e384c431-0bf5-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 8
Modeling methodology for defining a priori the hydrodynamics of a dynamic suspension bioreactor. Application to human induced pluripotent stem cell culture, file e384c431-5557-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 8
The impact of helical flow on coronary atherosclerotic plaque development, file e384c432-2237-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 8
Efficacy and safety of Clopidogrel, Prasugrel and Ticagrelor in ACS patients treated with PCI : a propensity score analysis of the RENAMI and BleeMACS registries, file e384c432-89d8-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 8
Wall shear stress topological skeleton independently predicts long-term restenosis after carotid bifurcation endarterectomy, file e384c432-dfc0-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 8
Combining 4D Flow MRI and Complex Networks Theory to Characterize the Hemodynamic Heterogeneity in Dilated and Non-dilated Human Ascending Aortas, file e384c434-8a6b-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 8
An automated 3D-printed perfusion bioreactor combinable with pulsed electromagnetic field stimulators for bone tissue investigations, file 2264c78b-f87a-4696-9bcb-94dace2e1956 7
A reduced-order model-based study on the effect of intermittent pneumatic compression of limbs on the cardiovascular system, file e384c42e-c827-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 7
IGF-1 loaded injectable microspheres for potential repair of the infarcted myocardium, file e384c432-49cf-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 7
Comparison of symmetrical hemodialysis catheters using computational fluid dynamics, file e384c432-f09f-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 7
Early Atherosclerotic Changes in Coronary Arteries are Associated with Endothelium Shear Stress Contraction/Expansion Variability, file e384c434-1146-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 7
Modeling methodology for defining a priori the hydrodynamics of a dynamic suspension bioreactor. Application to human induced pluripotent stem cell culture, file e384c430-d2ef-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 6
Hemodialysis arterio-venous graft design reducing the hemodynamic risk of vascular access dysfunction, file e384c431-9615-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 6
PDMS Substrates with tunable stiffness for cardiac mechanobiology investigation: A nanoindentation study, file e384c434-45a6-d4b2-e053-9f05fe0a1d67 6
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