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A Framework for Defining and Measuring Resilience at the Community Scale: The PEOPLES Resilience Framework / Renschler, C.; Frazier, A.; Arendt, L.; Cimellaro, GIAN PAOLO; Reinhorn, A. M.; Bruneau, M.. - (2010). 1-gen-2010 CIMELLARO, GIAN PAOLO + -
L'Aquila Earthquake of April 6, 2009 in Italy: Rebuilding a Resilient City to Withstand Multiple Hazards / Cimellaro, GIAN PAOLO; Christovasilis, I. P.; Reinhorn, A. M.; DE STEFANO, Alessandro; Kirova, T.. - (2010). 1-gen-2010 CIMELLARO, GIAN PAOLODE STEFANO, Alessandro + -
Emilia Earthquake of May 20th, 2012 in Northern Italy: rebuilding a resilient community to multiple hazards / Cimellaro, GIAN PAOLO; Chiriatti, M.; Reinhorn, A.; Tirca, L.. - STAMPA. - (2012), pp. 1-191. 1-gen-2012 CIMELLARO, GIAN PAOLO + -
Multi-Dimensional Fragility of Structures: Formulation and Evaluation / Cimellaro, GIAN PAOLO; Reinhorn, A. M.; Bruneau, M.; Rutenberg, A.. - (2006). 1-gen-2006 CIMELLARO, GIAN PAOLO + -
Quantification of Disaster Resilience of Health Care Facilities / Cimellaro, GIAN PAOLO; Fumo, C.; Reinhorn, A. M.; Bruneau, M.. - (2009). 1-gen-2009 CIMELLARO, GIAN PAOLO + -
Seismic Fragility Analysis of Suspended Ceiling systems / Badillo Almaraz, H.; Whittaker, A. S.; Reinhorn, A. M.; Cimellaro, GIAN PAOLO. - (2006). 1-gen-2006 CIMELLARO, GIAN PAOLO + -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 6 di 6
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