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Un modello per la simulazione dei valori immobiliari / D'Acci, Luca; Zorzi, Ferruccio. - (2007). 1-gen-2007 D'Acci LucaZorzi Ferruccio -
Emerging trends in the Italian housing market. First attempts to analyse the current real estate crisis impact on the Italian context. Which oncoming market expectations? / Ingaramo, Luisa; D'Acci, Luca; Sabatino, Stefania. - ELETTRONICO. - Proceedings of the 16th European real Estate Society Conference:(2009). ((Intervento presentato al convegno 16th European Real Estate Society (ERES) Conference tenutosi a Stockholm nel 24-27/06/2009. 1-gen-2009 INGARAMO, LUISAD'ACCI, LUCASABATINO, STEFANIA ERES 2009_Emerging Trends_high quality version_FULL TEXT+ABSTRACT.pdf
Emerging trends in the Italian housing market / D’Acci, L.; Sabatino, S.; Ingaramo, L. - (2009). ((Intervento presentato al convegno ERES Annual European Real Estate Society Conference. 1-gen-2009 D’Acci L.Ingaramo L + -
MuSIC - A multi-scalar index for evaluating sustainability in cities / D'Acci, L.; Lombardi, Patrizia. - STAMPA. - 3:(2010), pp. 19-34. ((Intervento presentato al convegno Sustainable Architecture & urban development. 1-gen-2010 D'Acci L.LOMBARDI, PATRIZIA -
Megacities in developing countries / D'Acci, Luca; Medrano, Leandro. - (2011). ((Intervento presentato al convegno European Urban Research Association (EURA), Cities without limits. 1-gen-2011 Luca D'Acci + -
Measuring Well-Being and Progress / D'Acci, Luca. - In: SOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH. - ISSN 1573-0921. - (2011). 1-gen-2011 Luca D'Acci Measuring Wellbeing and Progress.pdf
Simulating future societies in isobenefit cities: Social isobenefit scenarios / D'Acci, Luca. - In: FUTURES. - ISSN 0016-3287. - 54:(2013), pp. 3-18. [10.1016/j.futures.2013.09.004] 1-gen-2013 D'Acci, Luca simulating future societies in isobenefit cities.pdf
Hedonic Inertia and Underground Happiness / D'Acci, Luca. - In: SOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH. - ISSN 0303-8300. - 113:3(2013), pp. 1237-1259. [10.1007/s11205-012-0137-2] 1-gen-2013 D'Acci, Luca Underground Happiness and Hedonic Inertia.pdf
L'estimo e l'economia / D'Acci, Luca Sebastiano; Lombardi, Patrizia; G., Segre; Sonetti, Giulia. - STAMPA. - (2014), pp. 3-51. 1-gen-2014 D'ACCI, Luca SebastianoLOMBARDI, PATRIZIASONETTI, GIULIA + -
Monetary, subjective and quantitative approaches to assess urban quality of life and pleasantness in cities (Hedonic Price, Willingness-to-pay, Positional Value, life satisfaction, Isobenefit lines) / D'Acci, Luca. - In: SOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH. - ISSN 1573-0921. - 115:2(2014), pp. 531-559. [10.1007/s11205-012-0221-7] 1-gen-2014 D'Acci, Luca Monetary Subjective and quantitative approaches_to_assess_urban_quality_of_life.pdf
Integrating low carbon and climate adaptation benefits in an integrated Sustainability Benefits Assessment methodology / Grafakos, S.; Gianoli, A.; Sharma, S.; D’Acci, L.. - (2015). ((Intervento presentato al convegno European Climate Change Adaptation Conference. 1-gen-2015 D’Acci L. + -
Where people lives matters to their wellbeing / D’Acci, L; Gianoli, A; Grafakos, S.. - (2015). ((Intervento presentato al convegno 55th ERSA Congress, The European Regional Science Association (ERSA).. 1-gen-2015 D’Acci L + -
Towards the development of an integrated sustainability and resilience benefits assessment framework of urban interventions / Grafakos, S.; Gianoli, A.; Tsatsou, A.; D’Acci, L.. - (2015). ((Intervento presentato al convegno International Conference on Urban Resilience - RESURBE II. 1-gen-2015 D’Acci L. + -
Mathematize urbes by humanizing them. Cities as Isobenefit Landscapes: Psycho-Economical distances and Personal Isobenefit Lines / D'Acci, Luca. - In: LANDSCAPE AND URBAN PLANNING. - ISSN 0169-2046. - (2015). 1-gen-2015 Luca D'Acci Mathematize Urbes By Humanizing Them - free author version.pdf
Humanistic and scientific approaches to understanding cities / D'Acci, Luca. - In: URBAN PLANNING. - ISSN 2183-7635. - 1:(2016). [10.17645/up.v1i1.586] 1-gen-2016 Luca D'Acci -
Land-related sustainability and resilience benefits of urban green infrastructure projects. The case of Cañaveralejo river environmental corridor in Cali, Colombia / Grafakos, . S.; Tsatsou, A.; D'Acci, L.; Morales, Carlos. - (2016). ((Intervento presentato al convegno Urban Transitions Global Summit 2016. 1-gen-2016 L. D'Acci + -
The Punctiform City: a functional perspective / D'Acci, Luca. - (2017). ((Intervento presentato al convegno American Associations of Geographers AGG 2017 tenutosi a Boston nel April 2017. 1-gen-2017 Luca D'Acci -
The punctiform city: a functional perspective / D'Acci, Luca; van Oort, Frank. - (2017). ((Intervento presentato al convegno AAG 2017. 1-gen-2017 Luca D'Acci + -
The Mathematics of Urban Morphology / D'ACCI, LUCA. - (2019). 1-gen-2019 Luca D'Acci -
Orientational versus esthetical parametrization in space syntax / D'Acci, Luca. - (2019). 1-gen-2019 Luca D'Acci Orientational versus esthetical urban street morphology parameterization in Space Syntax.pdf
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